ESD newspaper, Quarter 4, 2021, №5

Зохиолч/ ОрчуулагчТогтвортой хөгжлийн боловсрол-II төсөл
Хэвлэсэн газарЦахим
Хэвлэсэн он2021
Ангилал:Цахим сонин
  • The ESD-II project national team worked on pilot schools for sustainable development in the project provinces and the capital city
  • More than 29,000 students, 30,000 parents, and more than 2,600 teachers and staff from 30 schools directly benefited from the ESDII micro project.
  • Overcoming the crisis in the education sector, which has been described as a “onetime catastrophe,” is a challenge for every country.
  • ESD project implementing schools have started to share their experiences and learn from each other
  • Reminded us to link our sustainable development and human rights development policies and to plan our budget
  • Advised to pay attention to the psychology of both students and teachers, and to plan and manage their lessons
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