ESD newspaper, Quarter 2, 2022, №7

Зохиолч/ ОрчуулагчТогтвортой хөгжлийн боловсрол-II төсөл
Хэвлэсэн газарЦахим
Хэвлэсэн он2022
Ангилал:Цахим сонин
  • Overview of the National Conference on "Joint Initiatives and Partnerships for Sustainable Development Education-2022"
  • The first mobile environmental information center was established in Orkhon Province
  • Let's visit the exhibition of sustainable development model schools
  • From the comments of the youth representative of the National Assembly
  • Report from a Sustainable Development Model School with tree nursery and eco-camp
  • About 1,000 suggestions were made in the "Evolving Education" discussion. National Debate
  • "Putting children at risk in the name of tradition is unthinkable" From an interview with N.Orchlon, international senior criminal court lawyer at The Hague
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